The Great Depression

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Just a quick post relating to a quote I posted last night on Facebook. I wanted to talk about Depression.

We are all damaged in some way. I could write a book on being damaged, but that would be so selfish. I’ve carelessly caused damage to others because I was hurting, which isn’t fair.

Truth is…I’ve never fought so hard to hold onto life as I have in the past few years.

Life is so hard right now for me…it’s not happy, it’s not easy, it’s the constant struggle with my mind. The late nights because my brain won’t stop telling me what a failure I am or what I should have and could have done better. The crying which is exhausting. I often sleep during the day because I’m either crying in my bathroom or crying myself to sleep all night. The physical pain all over, just aching and hurting everywhere. The struggle to just get myself dressed, only to look in the mirror with disgust at what I’ve become.

I’m not looking for sympathy, I just want you to know that if you are hurting, you are not alone. I will get better eventually, no one ever climbed a huge mountain without challenges, twists and turns in their way!

I know in the end the view at the top will be amazing and completely worth the fight.

Prayers to everyone fighting this awful battle with me.

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