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My parents are not normal parents. I know everyone’s parents are embarrassing but these people…these people know how to live life.

They were business owners who worked hard and put in long hours. Growing up I can remember my mom picking me up from school and driving 20 minutes to a mall where they had a store. They worked most of the week from 10am-9pm. and until I was old enough to stay home alone, that mall was my home away from home.

Now that they retired, they play hard. Our summers are always filled with lots of fun, food, good friends. It’s always a weekend here in the summer. They work on their tan daily and have their regular casino nights. They know just about everyone who works at the local Emeril’s except for Emeril himself…I’m sure that will be next.

Sometimes I think my Dad creates projects just to have something to do. There’s always something going on in this house. First, it was the downstairs renovation, then it was resurfacing the pool,  followed by the kitchen remodel and now the master bath.

Every-so-often we will find little notes we all around the house. My Dad thinks it’s great, we think he’s crazy. One of the funniest ones recently read “DO NOT PUT FOOD IN THE GARBAGE CAN” …okay…so like where should we put it?

Constant reminder.
Obviously, we were using the room.
Management has spoken.
I have no words.
Interesting, Thanks for clearing that up.
Just in case we would want to open the refrigerator that is duct taped shut in the garage.

My son will usually bring up the garbage cans each Monday after school. The other day we find this in the garage…blue painters tape to outline exactly where the garbage can is to be placed. LOL.

Get it right!

Yes, sometimes it’s annoying as hell, but at the end of the day, all we can do is laugh. We are lucky to have each other, we’ve shared a lot of good times and definitely have some great memories…

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