The Big Move

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4 years ago we made the difficult decision to move from North Carolina back to our little hometown in Pennsylvania.

At the time our son had been in a private Montessori school for 3 years in Charlotte. That was until I got a call one Friday afternoon at 4:58 pm. I had just missed it so it was actually a voicemail telling me that we needed to discuss our son’s placement at the school. No explanation. We had invested 3 years of tuition into this school. The school that kept telling us year after year we were in “the right place.” I called back immediately only to get a message that the school was now closed for the weekend. That was one rough and very long weekend.

On Monday the school said because our son had “learning disabilities” they all of a sudden after 3 years didn’t have the resources to help him anymore. So they pushed him out…just like that. We knew we didn’t want to put him back in the public school system there and we couldn’t do homeschool, we tried that briefly and it was not for us.  The administrators at the Private School said that the schools were better in Pennsylvania for children with learning disabilities. It only took a few days to decide to pack up and make our big move from NC to PA so we could do everything in our power to give him a better education.

The day we left Charlotte was the worst day of my life. I remember it like it was yesterday…I cried like a baby for the first few hours as I followed my husband in the moving truck. We had met so many wonderful people and made great friends. We had a great life and I still feel like my heart will forever be in NC.

My husband’s employer was very understanding. They allowed him to transfer to PA, my parents graciously opened their home to us until we could find a home of our own, and everyone welcomed us back with open arms.

That was four years ago…we never moved out.

I know what you’re thinking…but wait!!! We aren’t all huddled in a dark and moldy basement, we all have our separate living areas. My husband and I even have the walkout pool view. Not too shabby.

Pool View

During the summer there’s a party every weekend. My parents are fun people and always embarrassing. But everyone including my friends loves them.  By the time winter rolls around my parents turn into “snowbirds”, and go to Florida while we keep up the home. It may not work for everyone but it works for us.

So, when on earth are we moving out?  Well…who knows.



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