Emeril’s Fish House

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Last night we celebrated my god-daughters 21st Birthday. She was born into this world at 4 lb. 4 oz. I remember the first time I saw her. I was just 15 years old and she was so tiny! Over the years she spent a lot of time with my husband and I. (Back then, of course, he was just my boyfriend) We did everything for her that we would do for our own daughter, and she instantly became a very important part of our lives.

To this day we still try to do little things to help her along. Last night after my husband filled up her gas tank, he turned to her and told her how proud he was of the woman she has become. WOW, that got me.

She is an amazing woman and everything I wish I could be. Her incredible faith just blows me away and makes me so proud of her. God had an amazing plan for this girl since her birth, and I’m in awe as I watch it unfold.

Last night my parents, my husband, my son and I took her to Emeril’s Fish House for her birthday. We had a wonderful night filled with a lot of laughs and smiles.

Emeril’s Fish House in Bethlehem, PA is inside of the Sands Casino Resort. It has a chic yet casual “New, New Orléans” vibe. Our reservation was at 7:00 pm, we were seated around 7:20. There was an event going on in the main dining room so I’m sure that is why they were running behind. Once we sat down service was wonderful.


Raw Bar
I loved these fish chandeliers at the entrance!


We started off with Wellfleet Oysters on the Half, Wellfleets are known for their plump meats with a mild, sweet flavor, high brininess, and a crisp, clean finish. We really enjoyed them, our son even tried one and liked it. Did you know it takes 2-3 years to cultivate a Wellfleet Oyster?

My son had the 9 oz. Creek Stone Farms Filet Mignon which was cooked to perfection at medium rare. He commented how tender and flavorful the meat was. He is quite the food connoisseur at 15 years old. He did allow me to steal a bite and it was every bit amazing as he said it was.

I ordered the Seafood Etouffee which was shrimp, andouille, scallops, mussels, and trinity vegetables, over rice. I actually ended up swapping with my husband because he liked mine better and I didn’t realize it had sausage in it, which I don’t care for. Everything in this dish was super fresh and the scallops were sweet and tender. My husband was very satisfied.

My husband and god-daughter ordered the special that evening which was Beef Tenderloin Tips over Mashed potatoes with Brussel sprouts and topped with a few Creole Shrimp. This was the dish I ended up with, and it was very good. When my husband ordered it medium rare the waitress suggested medium…something about it being too rare over mashed potatoes. I would say it definitely should have been medium rare. The tenderloin tips were still savory and the creole shrimp kicked it up a notch!

The restaurant had a great atmosphere and was very lively, it’s a great place for date night. After dinner, you can walk right out on the casino floor for a fun night of gambling, or you can check out one of the venues. There is always something going on at the Sands and sometimes just people watching is very entertaining.

Leave me a comment if you have any comments or questions. If you’ve been to Emeril’s Fish house let me know how your experience was.



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