Universal Studios Orlando – Day 2

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The next morning we decided to stop at the Starbucks in the resort to fuel up. The line was so long though and my son spotted a chocolate doughnut he wanted at the gelato shop that is attached which had no line. We sat outside at one of the tables while he ate his doughnut and once again, the ducks joined us.

We took the water taxi, of course. I do want to say that I never felt unsafe while being at CityWalk or any of the parks. Security is very tight, I was really impressed to see that you need to go through security and a metal detector just to get on the water taxi. Even upon entering CityWalk from the parking lot you are met by security. Universal Studios entrance is just a short walk up the steps and over the bridge. The line wasn’t too bad getting in the park, it just took a few minutes.

When you walk into the park it’s like being in an old Hollywood film. The entertainers, the photographers, they all have a part to play and they all played it well. We even saw Marilyn Monroe and her little entourage!

I really wanted to go on the Rip Rock It…but that was one my son didn’t want to do. But I did take a video, it looked like so much fun! Maybe next year he will be ready to take the plunge…

The first ride we went on was the Race through New York City starring Jimmy Fallon, it’s a simulated ride like most of the rides in Universal now. We both really liked it. Then we were off to Transformers and Revenge of the Mummy. Our favorite at that point was definitely Revenge of the Mummy. We actually came back and went on it a few more times during our visit. It had so many cool effects and a great thrill ride overall.

We headed over to Springfield and grabbed a snack at Duff’s Tavern, we had the best soft pretzel there. I, of course, needed a beer, and my son got a non-alcoholic pina colada. We sat at the bar they had there and finished our pretzel and drinks. We wanted to get one of those huge pink doughnuts with sprinkles to take back to the resort with us, but neither one of us wanted to carry it around all day.

We then explored Springfield, played a few games and went on the Simpson’s Ride which surprisingly was a lot of fun!

We missed the Fear Factor Show, so made our way to the Men in Black Ride. That was okay, but I’m terrible at those laser shooting games and of course, I got the lowest score.

We never really looked at a map while we were in the park, we just did our own thing and took our time. I probably would have missed Diagon Alley if it wasn’t for some kids screaming about Harry Potter. As we walked in the alley we were transformed into a whole new world! The feeling you get when you experience that for the first time was unreal. My son nor I have never watched or read Harry Potter. So this was quite the experience. We literally spent the rest of the day there exploring it all.

After we explored for a bit we got in line for Escape from Gringotts, wait time was 90 minutes…with express it took us about 15 minutes! I’m telling you the express was absolutely wonderful.

I was amazed by the theming everywhere, even in the waiting area for the ride. Everything was incredible and just made you feel like you were right there in London.

The ride did not disappoint either. Again, it is another motion simulator. You wear 3D glasses throughout the experience. It was spectacular!

Naturally, my son NEEDED an interactive wand. We went to the wand store and he picked out the one he wanted. A really nice team member explained everything to us since we were a bit confused after purchasing it. The interactive wands are really neat, you cast your spells and depending on what you are pointing at water could come falling down or you can turn lights on and off, etc. We had a lot of fun going around to all the items on the map.

This photo below is my favorite picture. I love this!!! But I wish I knew how to use photoshop so I could take out the guy pointing at something. lol

We then took Hogwarts Express, that was really neat but it gets really hot in those little cars that you have to share with strangers. The experience was great, but I couldn’t wait to get out of those close quarters.

Stepping off of the train in Hogsmeade was just as incredible. The little snow-covered village was breathtaking.

We had a dinner reservation at Mythos, so we didn’t plan on doing too much exploring. We arrived a little early at Mythos but didn’t wait very long before they sat us. The inside of the restaurant is really neat. There are water features, and it’s like you’re sitting in a cave. Make sure you request a good view of the Theme Park as you can see the Hulk and many other rides right from your table. The food was good there, it wasn’t spectacular…but good. We actually just shared a few appetizers for our dinner, Semolina Crusted Calamari (of course), Spanakopita Dip, and a Signature Greek Salad with Chicken. It was a nice little retreat to sit down and eat and just relax.

After we finished dinner, our plan was to head up to Hogsmeade Castle for the big show. To say it was crowded is an understatement. Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen people push and shove as much as I did then. Just as we were almost there, they cut off the crowd of people and said we would need to wait for the next show in 20 minutes. We were exhausted so we decided to just get back on Hogwarts express and head back and see the show the next night.

We finished out the night by having ice cream in Diagon Alley. They have tons of flavors here and you can mix any two together. The line was super long but definitely worth it.

We had a long day, and we were both ready to recover for the next day at Islands of Adventure. We made our way back to the resort and crashed…we had an awesome fun filled day!

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